Need to redirect user to dynamic URL after authentication in Blazor

Hi Team,

I have a dynamic URL in my application and we are using auth0 to authenticate the user.

I have also gone through your documentation but didn’t get much help.

Can you please let us know how can we redirect user after authenticated to this dynamic url from auth0? If possible, let us when can we connect to resolve this issue as it will avoid lots of mails.

If I’ve understood this right, the WASM NGINX is listening at the root, so yes going to \anything will be attempted to be handled by the WASM app. And when it fails it will use whatever you’ve configured in App.Razor to handle the not found. My Insite

You could be probably had routing in to App.razor, but it seems like it should be at the nginx level? You don’t want to serve the WASM app at all if they’re going to \anything do you?