Need help with changing content of Terms and Conditions popup

We developed a blog through a vendor using wordpress and they have used Auth0 plugin for authorization.It has been customized to include a checkbox to accept Terms and Conditions.The Terms and Conditions is a hyperlink which opens as a pop up on click, to display the content.I need to make changes to this content.Please advise on how do I change it .

Hey @procurement!

It seems like it can be easily achieved diving into your vendor’s code. From your description it sounds like your vendor implemented this pop-up with the content, so it’s just a matter of changing one of your source code files, adjust the text of the pop-up or its UI.

Let me know if that helps!

Thanks for your response.
I’m not able to identify at the exact file where I need to make the change. Could you please guide me? I checked through lock.js file but couldn’t find any link to the content.I’m new to Auth0 and totally lost here.

Hey there!

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