Need customization for confirm email on passwordless

We need the ability to send a different email to passwordless signups for confirming their email addresses. When I create users programmatically I don’t want to send a login email I want to send a confirm email. We have this for username/password database accounts. Need it for passwordless as well.

To my knowledge that would require some custom handling of emails on your own system, in particular, given the nature of passwordless authentication through an email there is not currently a separation between emails that are sent the first time (which would effectively verify the email address) versus emails that are sent in subsequent authentication requests. In other words the email sent for passwordless is always based on the same template and as far as I’m aware there would be no way to distinguish that first email from the template itself.

If you want to programmatically create users for this connection, but have a distinct experience for the first email you may need to consider having the verification step done outside of Auth0 passwordless connection and then only create the passwordless user programmatically after that verification has occurred. Have in mind that you should then create the user with email_verified: true already given that you already proved that part and this would also mean you could create the end-user programmatically without trigger any immediate passwordless email.