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Navigation is unreachable error



I am developing a mobile app with Ionic 3 and trying to integrate Auth0 login.
I followed all the required steps. Now I can see Auth0 login page.
But when I click on Sign in with google, the loading indicator keeps spinning and the page does not redirect.
I get the following warning on console:

Navigation is unreachable: io.ionic.starter://


I am stuck with the same problem in a cordova app.


I am experiencing the same issue with an Ionic App…


I managed to redirect back to my app. The problem was that my package ID was TSMengine and the navigation address was com.tut.TSMengine:// but I got the error navigation unreachable com.tut.tsmengine://
It was without any reason turned to lower case. I set up a new client with all lower case alphabets and it redirects back to the app but now another problem is that I do not get the token. I land up in this function on return. My dashboard shows that the login was successful.

if (result.event === 'closed') {
        var handleClose = function () {
          if (session.isClosing) {
            return callback(new Error('user canceled'));


I found the issue in my case: I forgot to remove some Brackets ({, }) around my App ID when I was adding cordova-plugin-customurlsheme.