how to redirect after login ionic3


I followed all the tutorials to include auth0 in my ionic3 app, and after login with the app i’m not getting redirected to anyplace, just remains “loading”.
![alt text][1]

On the auht0 web side, I get a successful login from the app. and I guess the problem should be related to the callbackurl, but I tried everything without luck.

My packageIdentifier is d67bbjep22 and my allowed callbacks are:
d67bbjep22://, d67bbjep22://


Did you set your “redirect_uri” to an URL valid in your Allowed Callack URL? As it is shown in this doc:

Also, Did you check this one? There is an entire section about configure callback URL:

i’m stucked here for a week, anyone?

i’m stucked here for a week, anyone?

I am experiencing the same issue…was this issue solved?

I am also experiencing the same issue. Anyone got the solution?

I am experiencing the same Issue…

I found the issue in my case: I forgot to remove some Brackets ({, }) around my App ID when I was adding cordova-plugin-customurlsheme.

Just to confirm and try to reproduce your error:

  • Did you properly set the “redirect_uri” and the Allowed Callback URL?
  • What tutorials have you been following?

I followed this one: