My tenet has randomly disappeared NEED HELP

My tenet while be used has just disappeared and I can no longer access it at all. I need help to get the tenet back up and running.

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Thank you for posting to the Auth0 community! Could you kindly DM me your tenant name and could you kindly let me know what you meant by “just disappeared”?


Supun Sudaraka.

Hi @isoung,

We’ve identified there’s an ongoing issue causing the Authentication and Management API down for a percentage of tenants We are in the process of investigating the issue.

Best regards,

Supun Sudaraka
Developer Support Engineer - Auth0

Hi @isoung,

Our engineering team has deployed a fix and we are currently monitoring its status. Could you kindly verify that everything works for you as expected?

Thank you.

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Everything is working again. Thanks!

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Perfect!, Sorry for the inconvenience.

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