My post-login action does not appear to run

We have a set of rules that work for our current login flow. I understand that actions run after rules. I have written a post-login action that to add some things to our tokens after the rules are done. My problem is that the action does not appear to run, though all of the rules do. Is there anything rules might do that will allow logins to be successful, but prevent an post-login action from running?

Here is some additional information in case it might be helpful:

  • I believe that the action is not running because it begins by logging a message to the console, but nothing appears in the Action logs. Output from the rules appears in the Real-time Webtask Logs, but nothing from the action. Immediately after logging output, the action calls the api to set a custom id and access payload field, but those do not appear in the generated token.
  • When I look at the top of the Custom Actions page, I see “Action is up to date” and “Login / Post Login, Runtime: Node 18 BETA (Not Recommended)”. Below that is “Upgrade this action from the Node 18 Beta to Node 18 GA runtime.” I have tried clicking on the update link, but it does not help.

Hi @mark.grand,

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I have just checked your tenant and found that your Action is using Node 16 as its runtime. We recommend upgrading your runtime to Node 18.

More on this in our Node 18 Support for Actions and other extensibility products announcement.

Next, have you gotten a chance to try debugging your script with the built-in Actions debugger interface?


If not, could you please give it a try and let me know what kind of errors you see?


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