Multiple user data stores within one single login procedure

Dear experts,

During UPW login, we want to validate username/passwords not only against the standard Username-Password-Authentication db, but also multiple external databases accessible via Web API, presenting only one single login button to the user. This is why the standard custom db concept doesn’t seem to work bc this limits the validation to one single db (the one handed over by the connection parameter). What is the best-practice approach to cover this use case? Is it possible to create some kind of callback/hook similar to the post login action scripts when the Username-Password-Authentication check fails, which calls the same login script you would configure for a custom db? Any other/better ideas?

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Hi @elster,

Why would you need to validate the same username/password in multiple databases? It sounds like you may be working around a more standard use case.

For example, if you had multiple sets of users, you would want to separate them into different connections. You can still have a single login page.

This is bc of compliance requirements, e.g. user data have to be stored in a DB hosted in a specific country, government, enterprise, etc…

I understand that you need to host the data in a specific locale to comply with data sovereignty laws (like GDPR). Auth0 provides private cloud deployments and custom databases which allow you to host data in any region you prefer.

Thanks for your answer. I know about the concept of Custom Database Connections, what is still unclear to me is how to integrate this concept without providing a separate login button on the ULP for each and every custom db?

Some customers will host multiple tenants in separate regions. For example, you could have an EU instance, a US instance, a South Korea instance, etc.

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