Multiple logins migration

Hello team! How’s it going? We are migrating the login logic to Auth0, but we have several systems where each one has its own login system. From our side, we want to unify everything under the same login system with Auth0.

We are thinking of migrating using the migration feature with custom database scripts where we check with one of our applications if the user & password combination is correct. However, we somehow need to know where the login flow starts so we can know which system to validate the credentials against. Is there a way to achieve this?

Try using the context object in database scripts. More info here: How to use context for scripts in custom db?

Hi @spoudel ! I was researching the context in the custom login script, I printed it and I only see that it has this structure:

10:15:17 AM: context { realm: 'xxxxx' }

Where “realm” represents the “connectionId,” this seems redundant, right? Because a custom script is associated with a “connectionId.” I read the link you shared, and it mentioned that it’s not possible to manipulate the context to pass additional information. Is that correct?

If you have organizations set up for your tenant, you would have received some organizations-related context, which would provide some context of the origin like org id.

Yes, passing additional info from the login page is limited.

You could consider writing a single API that simultaneously calls all other systems to validate credentials. I know this is not an Auth0 solution, just putting it out there.