Context object in database scripts -> Where to find documentation about this?


im searching for documentation about the “context” object that is passed for the custom database scripts and i dont find anything.

Can someone point where to look at?


Hey there!

I’d like to help you on that! Can you let me know what quickstarts / docs etc are you utilising so far? Thank you!

im searching in Auth0 and here in the community…

the only thing i found is about the “context object” in Rules but the one for the Database connection.

Gotchya! It seems like it’s not documented in the docs. Let me reach out to one of our engineering teams so we can get their help on that!

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Hey there!

Sorry for a bit of delay. Here’s all you need:

The context object in custom database scripts currently only supports realm and organization objects. You can check more here:

Thanks konrad.sopala.

Do you know where i can find documentation about the realm and organization objects??

Are these 2 objects passed right inside the context object?? Like
contextobject {


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