Multiple emails when using passwordless

Hi everyone.

We are using the passwordless auth flow in our service, with 4-digit codes being sent via email. It works pretty well. Now our biggest customer has asked if we can add multiple emails per user, i.e. an email alias. Each employee in their organization both have a short and long email, for example and

Have you tried implementing this on the Auth platform, and what are your recommendations? Our team is debating different strategies for solving this, and currently the “solution” we have come up with is to create multiple users in Auth0 and then “link” them together. However we are unsure if this is even possilbe, takin into consideration that the users will share the same connection?

Inputs are very welcome :nerd_face:

Hi there @alexab, I hope you’re having a great day!

This is exactly the way we would recommend it with what you are trying to do as mentioned in our documentation:

Since you can’t force users to use the same mobile phone number or email address every time they authenticate, users may end up with multiple user profiles in the Auth0 datastore; you can link multiple user profiles through account linking.

However if by chance you feel this isn’t your preferred way to conquer the issue, please let us know. We can always leverage the route and you can share your use case with our product team there. Each submission is reviewed by our product team and has direct impact on our roadmap!

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