Multiple connections, single client issue

I got one client setup with multiple database connections. Now I am having the situation where two connections have the same email address / username and password. But when I login with those credentials I am getting the wrong profile / or wrong credentials message.

How does auth0 decide which user profile to return or to use which connection in this situation? Is it the first it coms across that matches the username? Note that this a multi-tenancy Aurelia SPA app which only one client (id) is connected too.

In a multi-tenancy with a single client setup, the recommendation for this configuration is to use different sub domains or pathnames for each of your different tenants login pages and dynamically update Lock configuration.

You can see detailed info here:

Alternatively, in case the users have different usernames, you can make use of the [connectionResolver] ( function of Lock, which allows you to choose which connection to use based on the username information

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