Multi social authentication for one user


I was advised by the sales team to create a post here so here it goes.

Currently we have a web app with our own authentication workflow. We have recently added some social authentication by using meta and tiktok auth apps.

There are 3 issues we’re facing:

  1. After the user authenticates, we have to ask them to enter an email address because our core functionalities depend strongly on texting the user and we cannot rely on the email address associated with the social account because a lot of times it is not the mailbox the user actually uses. Also, tiktok API does not provide us with the user’s email address so it is another reason we have to ask them to enter it manually. If we use your universal auth service, are you guys able to do that? Associate social accounts to a custom email address on your side?

  2. As I mentioned, we cant access tiktok accounts’ email address. Is it possible to retrieve this from your APIs?

  3. Currently when users authenticate through a platform account, let’s say Facebook, we connect him to our own user model on our side. But when the same user authenticates with another platform account, let’s say Instagram, we cannot tell it is the same user, because internally we haven’t implemented anything to connect multiple social accounts to one user. Do you guys have a solution for such problem? Like grouping multiple authentications to a single user on your side?

Thanks a lot