Multi-factor Authentication changes in logs


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Is there a way to see which Tenant Member enabled or disabled which Multi-factor Authentication factor in this list?

Some factors were just disabled all of a sudden in our tenant. I would like to find out who did that.

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Hi @emiel.koning ,

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The details can be found under MonitoringLogs. Please look for the log with description “Update a Multi-factor Authentication Factor”. Under the details of the log, you may find the email of the user who made the change.

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Hello @lihua.zhang ,

Thanks for your solution.
I found the respective item in the filter

The strange thing however is that when selecting this filter, three items were shown in the search results (two of which were recorded yesterday) but when I click these items I get an error.


I reopened Monitoring, Logs again, applied the MFA Settings Update filter again and now I see only one item in the search result.

The other two I did see a moment ago but gave an error when opening, are now gone.

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