"Show Multi-factor Authentication options" not working


in my tenant dashboard, I tried to enable the Show Multi-factor Authentication options under Security > Multi-factor Auth > Define policies > Additional Settings, however I’m getting the following error:

Something happened while trying to save your settings: Payload validation error: ‘Additional properties not allowed: mfa_show_factor_list_on_enrollment’ on property flags (Flags used to change the behavior of this tenant).

I’m using OTP and Recovery Code as MFA factors. Can you please help.



can you please give me feedback on my issue? Is it an open issue you’re working on?

The MFA docs don’t seem to give any info on the Show Multi-factor Authentication options option.

Hi there @mobilmacher!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention - This is indeed a known issue. There is a flag required on your tenant in order for that setting to function as expected, which I suspect hasn’t been added. I’ve reached out internally to see how we can rectify.

I’ll be sure and update you here when I have more information myself - Thanks for your patience!

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