Multi applications - how to get the list of users per app

I have several applications configured in Auth0, and some of them share the google and linkedin connection. Is there a way to get the list of users for application A and the list for application B ?

I can only see the full list with the connection, but not the app related to the user

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Anyone know how to do this? I’d love to be able to get a list of all authorized users for a particular app.

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Yes please, if you know a way to get a list of users for an app, I would be very happy to learn more about it :slight_smile:

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Technically, there’s no such thing; as showing users per app.

Users are associated with the tenant and a connection. If you want the list of users that have completed a login in app X then the only way would be for you to export the tenant logs and process the login logs yourself as login logs should probably include the client identifier.