Moving from Rules to Actions. Where is the IDP root user data?

We’re trying to move from Rules to Actions but we are seeing some potential gaps. We have rules that did something like this:

context.idToken[namespace + 'DOB'] = user.DOB.replace(/\//g, '-');

We would be able to access data set by the IDP under the user object (such as DOB) and stash that in the idToken so we could utilize it on our backend. We’re having a hard time finding where that root-level user data lives. We’re doing a post-login action.

We can see the data we want to modify/have access to in the Raw Json when viewing the user in Auth0. it’s also in the Identity Provider Attributes.

Hi @mattbmd,

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I understand you would like to migrate from Rules to Actions but could not find the equivalent code in Actions.

Unfortunately, the IDP root attributes cannot be obtained with Actions yet. As we get closer to the end of life of Rules, the features you see in Rules will be available in Actions.

For now, we recommend migrating the Actions that can be translated into Rules and keeping the remainder in Rules until official migration strategies emerge sometime later this year in 2022.

Hoped this helps!

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you.

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