Modify scopes within an action

We are in the process of migrating rules to actions. We have a rule that modifies the scope on the access token -

context.accessToken.scope = 'read:profile'

I see here that it is not possible to directly manipulate scopes from actions. Is there an indirect way to manipulate scopes from actions using the Management API?

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Hey there!

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible at the moment. You can create a feature request for that using our Feedback category here:

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Hello, is there still non way to modify scopes in Actions? I also want to migrate from Rules but this is a blocking point.
I heard that Rules will be deprecated one day, so what do you advise me to do?

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Any progress on the same, I am on following few situation, only solution I see is to write Rules,

  1. How to add roles
  2. How to read Roles
  3. how to write shared functions those can be used by more than one, without adding those to NPM

Please suggest.