Manipulate scopes for ID and Access Tokens using Actions GA


Is there any strong reason why Auth0 decided to drop the support for direct manipulation of ID and Access Token scopes when they released Actions GA?

Although we experimented with providing direct manipulation of ID and Access Token scopes during the Actions Beta, we do not support this functionality in Actions GA.

This is very disappointing when you as developer are able to do so using the “legacy” Rules or Hooks, depending on the flow, even with the beta version of Actions was possible, but then you realize isn’t possible for you to completely migrate to Actions GA.

To my fellow developers out there, watch out with Actions GA before you decide on a fully migration from Rules and Hooks.


Hey there!

Let me follow-up on that and get back to you once I have some info to share!

Thank you so much Konrad! I will appreciate if there’s a short term plan to bring back the direct scopes manipulation in Actions GA.