Missing id_token in Custom Social Connection fetch user profile script

I’m using auth0-spa-js in a React SPA and am trying to integrate an IdP (should be OIDC conformant) with the Custom Social Connection extension.

My issue is with getting the user profile - per the docs, I should find an id_token inside the ctx parameter in the script. Using the Real-time Webtask Logs extension I can see that I only have the access token and then the ctx contains token_type and expires_in.
So the next thing I tried was using the access token to make a request for user info, but that doesn’t seem to work (haven’t got an answer from the IdP yet as to why that would fail, although the response has a code of 403 and a message about insufficient scope).

I’ve gotten some support from the IdP asking to look into if I should somehow register any custom scopes used by them (the list of scopes I’ve configured in the Custom Social Connection: openid profile email personal_code roles custodies session_type)

So I am at somewhat of a loss about how to proceed from here - I can’t really be sure if the Auth0 extension somehow loses data from the response of my IdP or is there an issue with my configuration so that the IdP doesn’t send the id_token.

Documentation of the IdP if that would be helpful: https://harid.ee/et/pages/dev-info