Missing groups for AAD guested users

All of our Azure AD guest users are showing up with no groups in Auth0 (raw json) whilst all Azure AD member users display the correct groups. The issue is very similar, if not the same, as this one.
Since it’s been almost a year since that one was raised, is there any update regarding this? This should be such a straight forward fix that I hope it’s been released and it’s just me doing something wrong.

Doing an extra query to an Azure API just to retrieve this extra metadata in a rule will greatly impact the sign-in latency, not to mention that we’ll have to save the Azure access credentials somewhere securely within Auth0 (unless they can be retrieved from the connection somehow?).

Can you update on this situation, roadmap for implementation (if not yet released) and best practices to achieve this?

Thank you.

I’d like to update this in case someone else faces this issue in the future.
After debugging this issue extensively we seem to have been able to fix it by using the Auth0 Azure AD connection v2, which is based on the Microsoft Graph API instead of v1s standard oidc integration.

After swapping to V2 our guest users show up with their groups, same as regular members.