Missing birth date in profile claims


I’m trying to get user date of birth that login using facebook or google in my SPA using auth0.js, but in idToken that I got didn’t contain birtdate, information that I got from idToken is

email, email_verified, family_name, picture, gender, locale, clientID, updated_at, user_id, nickname, identities, provider, user_id, connection, isSocial, created_at, iss, sub, aud, iat, exp

scope that I use is

scope: openid email profile

I’ve been try this too

scope: openid email profile birthdate gender hometown name

Is there configuration that I missed ?

Additional notes:

  1. User that I’ve used his birthday is public in facebook and google account
  2. I’ve been check request to auth0 server is absolutely right contain scope that I want
  3. already checked this post Facebook attributes
  4. already read this post ID token missing email and profile claims


Hey there @detik1!

As you’ve seen the attributes included in the issued ID Token are controlled by the use of a parameter called scope .

  • If scope is set to openid , then the ID Token will contain only the iss , sub , aud , exp and iat claims.
  • If scope is set to openid email , then the ID Token will contain additionally the email and email_verified claims.
  • If scope is set to openid profile , then the ID Token will contain all default profile Claims, which are: name , family_name , given_name , middle_name , nickname , preferred_username , profile , picture , website , gender , birthdate , zoneinfo , locale , and updated_at .

You need to use openid profile scope then to get birthdate. If you’re using it you’re not getting that claim?

Thanks for clarifcation!

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As of Aug 2019, gender and birthday do not seem to be returned as per https://accounts.google.com/.well-known/openid-configuration when requesting the openid profile scopes.

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