Facebook attributes

Hey guys,

I use React native custom login (native screens) with facebook / google.
Facebook social connection configured with all attributes (birthday, website, home town etc).
The scope is: offline_access openid profile email

The issue is that I got only the basic profile of user (given_name, family_name, nick_name, name, picture etc) from the idToken that received after successfully login.

Why I can’t get all requested attributes? Maybe I missed any configurations?

When using the [OIDC conformant] (Applications in Auth0) mode, the id_token will contain a set of [standard claims] (Final: OpenID Connect Core 1.0 incorporating errata set 1) and optionally some [custom claims] (OpenID Connect Scopes) that you can add through a rule.

You can control the contents of the id_token by adding additional scopes in your original authentication request. Using a scope with openid will return the iss, sub, aud, exp and iat claims. If you use the scope openid email, in addition to the previous ones, you will also receive the email and email_verified claims. Similarly, if you use openid email profile you will also get the name, family_name, given_name, middle_name, nickname, preferred_username, profile, picture, website, gender, birthdate, zoneinfo, locale, and updated_at. You can find more info about standard and custom claims in the id_token [here] (ID Tokens) and [here] (OpenID Connect Scopes).