Migration from Cognito Using Actions

In reading through this knowledge base article, it looks like the Automatic migration of Cognito users to Auth0 utilizes Rules / Hooks, which are marked as deprecated and soon to be EOL’d here and here.

Is it possible to perform the same migration using actions? From my reading it looks like the login event fires post-login, as documented here.

Is there an event that fires during the login process (ie: after Auth0 does not find the user in it’s database), so it can reach out to Cognito to validate the login and migrate the user to Auth0?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Jason,

Those scripts (while they do look similar) are actually not leveraging Rules/Hooks, but rather they are leveraging our Custom Database Action Scripts which are not currently set to be deprecated. When a user attempts to login when this flow is enabled, Auth0 will execute these scripts to connect into whatever external user store you are currently trying to migrate from.

Hope this helps!

Hey Sam,

Thanks for the explanation, this is very helpful.


Hi Sam,

One more question - I am having trouble getting the Enterprise OIDC connection to Cognito made. I get an error stating that options.issuer is required. As far as I can tell things are setup in Cognito properly (all scopes are selected).

Is there a guide for setting this up? I have not been able to find one in the Auth0 documentation.