Migrate users in most efficient way from one tenant to another

Problem statement

I would like to know if it is possible to migrate a large number of users between two tenants using automatic migration (lazy migration), without forcing users to change their passwords.

Bulk import, unfortunately, will not come into play in this situation, due to the enormous amount of time required to complete the export and import process. Migration is necessary because of the match between the new tenant and our naming convention and all of the automation.

Would it be possible, to “switch” databases and users from one tenant to another?I would really appreciate some info on what would be the easiest process to handle that? Thank you!


We would normally recommend customers use the bulk Export/Import (User Import / Export Extension) to accomplish this and use the Password Hash export flow to remove the need to reset passwords. If customers do not want to follow this route, there is a method to do this via lazy migration with custom database: