Migrate OLD Account to NEW Account

I have an old account (created 6 months ago) with different grants like:
“Legacy: Delegation Refresh Token”, “Legacy: Delegation ID Token”, “Legacy: Access Token”.
I create new accounts, but seems I don’t have these grants anymore.
Is it possible to migrate my old account to a new account with all these grants.

According to our Data Transfer Policy, at this moment we are not transferring data from one account to another:

You can create a new account and transfer your all data in your Auth0 account using our Management API v2.

To create the clients in your new account you’ll have to:

  1. Use the get all clients endpoint to get a list of all your clients:
    Auth0 Management API v2

2… Use the create a client endpoint to create your clients one by one, using the information from the list:

Use similar steps to get-create your connections, rules.

For your users, you can use the Import/export extension:

Please note that this extension doesn’t allow you to transfer passwords. You will have to trigger a password reset for your users.

To learn more about the client grants types, you can refer the link below: