Mfa verfication success result status in custom Actions

Hi there,
Am handling uers MFA through Actions,my requirment is if browser agent changes trigger an mfa ,but the problem with this is, i was not able to get MFA verficaiton status in actions to complete the mfa flow which is is user authenticated. The issue is, if user terminates mfa after user authenticaiton without mfa and if he tries to login he is directly signing-on to the application even though he was not verfied the mfa(sms). pls advice. Below is the partial code am having for your reference.I mean auth0 session is create like authenticated in brower even though if he was not completed the mfa stuff. Am using sdk.
const userAgentreceived = event.request.user_agent;
const storedFingerprint = event.user.user_metadata.userAgentreceived ;
if (userAgentreceived !== storedUserAgentInUserdata) {
// Enable MFA (e.g., trigger MFA challenge)
console.log(“Device fingerprint changed. Enable MFA.”);
api.user.setUserMetadata("userAgentreceived ", userAgentreceived )
} else {
console.log(“Device fingerprint matches. Proceed with login.”);