MFA login process, user cannot change account

During the login process with MFA, one of the views is like on the screen


In this situation, we have a problem. The user doesn’t want to move forward but he would like to try another account. There is no place here to back and choose another account. Open a new tab in the browser also redirect to this view. Any ideas on how to change it?

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Hi @mab ,

Has the user tried either of the below to go back to the login screen?

  1. click on the “Back” button on the browser
  2. go to https://{your domain}/v2/logout, which will terminate the session, and try again.

BTW, are the users log in with social connection or username-password connection?


When the user clicks bask auth0 crash “something go wrong”, with second points - you know there are some tricks like using incognito mode but I would like to know if there is an option to turn on account switching during the MFA login process.

The user uses username-password connection

Hi @mab ,

Currently, you can achieve this by including a link in your page template (Universal Login Pages ) that points to a different page that logs the user out and then redirects them back to the login page. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to include the link on the widget itself, but you can make it appear as a link above/underneath the widget.
Here is an example of a page template that includes this link that only appears on the MFA pages:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="{{locale}}">
    {%- auth0:head -%}
    <title>{{ prompt.screen.texts.pageTitle }}</title>
  <body class="_widget-auto-layout">
    {% if == "mfa-otp" or == "mfa-recovery-code" %} 
      <div class="prompt-wrapper">
        <a href="https://YOUR_LOGOUT_LINK">Click here to Change Accounts</a>
        {%- auth0:widget -%}
    {% else %}
      <div class="prompt-wrapper">
      {%- auth0:widget -%}
    {% endif %}

Hope this helps!

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