MFA Challenge request hook

I’m using the custom MFA feature.
I want to create a rule that would be triggered after the “/mfa/challenge” endpoint call,
And instead of sending the email using the email template “Verification Code for Email MFA”,
It would be sent through my hook using my own Notification service.

Is it currently possible to create a rule to pipelines other than that of the Login process?

Please help,
Thank you,

Hey there!

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Hi thank you for your response.
I’ve already implemented a login mechanism using my own notification service my self.
But it would be nice if the MFA process would be more customize able.
If it has it’s own pipeline like in the login process it would be easier to integrate.
My guessing is that other companies also need a whole different solutions for their MFA implementation.

Thank you very much!

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Thanks a lot @adib for that feedback! I’ll pass it to appropriate team!