Metadata about groups?

Hey all, is it possible to store metadata about a group? Similar to how users can have custom metadata with user_metadata in the user object. Thanks for your time all!

Hi, @newauthguy,
currently it’s not possible. What kind of information would that be? Can you provide some more context for your use case?

@mathiasconradt My use case is as follows: I want to be able to store custom info about a group.
This info could be anything e.g : {group_metadata: “this is an example”}. I was hoping this would work similar to how user’s can have their own metadata attribute, but I guess not. Thanks for the reply

Is that group info static or does it change over time? Of course you could misuse the group description field and put any kind of json object in there (not sure about the size limit though right now), though it’s not really intended for that, so a bit of a hack.

By the way: are you using groups in the Authorization Core feature set or are you using the Authorization extension? That didn’t get clear from your original question.

Ah, sorry I didn’t clarify. I’m using the Authorization Core feature set to create create groups. Thanks for the idea about the group description

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