Meta data changed in source system

We are required to ganerate new 9 digit values in a field which is currently used in meta data of users in auth0,

I am confused about it’s implications…

Any guidance would be appropriated!


Hi @rashad.masud,

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Could you provide an example of what you are referring to?


Hi Dan,
Thanks for commenting, actually this is an old implementation and we have some troubles keeping customerid as guid, first of all its not genuin id of the records but simple string, above all we need to change it to 9 digit unique number to make another back ground process work.
If you see the code snipped below, we are passing the userid which is infact customerid (guid), we are thinking to change it and its possible impacts on current auth0 users.

public string CreateUser(string email, string password, bool verifyEmail, Guid userId, string connection)
var client = Auth0ClientFactory.Create();
Dictionary<string, object> appMetadata = new Dictionary<string, object>() { { “customerid”, userId.ToString() } };
var user = client.CreateUser(email, password, connection, true, appMetadata);
return user.UserId;

the userid returned from createuser method is kept as auth0 user id in our system as reference and login process primarly running aginst login/password.

Thanks for input in advance.

I may be a little confused on your requirements, so please clarify if I am missing something. If you are planning on using app metadata to store a separate id for your database, that is fairly common.

Can you take a look at this thread and see if it provides guidance?

Just to make it more clear, we have a mobile application which is using auth0 for many years for now for user login management. There are plenty of users whose customerid is saved as metadata.

If we change their cusomerids in our crm system, what impact those users would have while login in using auth0.?

Okay I see what you are saying.

If you were to change that customer id (not the default user_id assigned by auth0) it should only effect any rules or customizations you have made within auth0. If the id is stored in app_metadata or user_metadata it is meant to be used on your end, by your applications or within your customizations. This info is not likely to be used by auth0, outside of custom rule/hook/etc. This would be something you have written. I can take a look at your rules if you DM me the name of your tenant.

Hope this helps.


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