Merging several connections in Auth0

We want to simplify our infrastructure by reducing the number of individual applications and connections.
Currently we are using several distinct frontend applications that each use their own connection and use tokens with different audiences. I now would like to merge all these (about 30) connections and applications into only one connection satisfying the following conditions:

  • All users should be migrated to this new connection. I think this can be achieved using the import/export extension or the management API.
  • Additionally, accounts with same email address from that reside on different connections should be merged into one account. Is there a way to do this during the import?
  • This migration should happen quickly without any user interaction and without the need to update the password.

Is there an easy way to achieve this? The only solution I could think of so far, would be to create a new connection and activate “import users” and create a login script that would verify if the username/password combination would be valid in one of the existing connections. However I would prefer a solution that could do the whole migration at once so the old connections could just be deleted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Greetings Jonas


Auth0 Professional Services has tools that can help in this scenario. Let me know if you would be interested in a PS engagement.

If you want to do this on your own, basically, you will use the user export job (from the management API) to export all the users, write a script to merge them and then break them up into 500K chunks, and then import the chunks, handling errors. You will also need to file a support ticket to get passwords exported and then merge the passwords (and decide which password to use when merging two accounts).

If there are a large number of users, this should be done in two steps, the second being a delta of the first, to minimize downtime.

You can also write a lazy migration script that does something similar.


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Thank you! I’ll discuss the Auth0 Services option with my team!!

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