Mapping for user profile for OIDC connection

Hey hello,

I have to implement a solution for SSO using an Enterprise connection based on OIDC.
Everything seems to work fine except that the profile info returned by the external IDP seems to not follow the exact OIDC spec. For example the email field is in fact named emailAddress.
(of course I can’t fix this because I do not have access to this IDP)

When I try to access these information on the postLogin action flow script, It seems that Auth0 filter all the fields that are not part of the OIDC spec. However my user is well created in the Auth0 database

I see that I can access all these information from a Rule btw this approach is tagged as “Legacy” and I dont want to use this if it will be deprecated.

Is there a way to access these fields in a postLogin action flow script?
Or at least a way to add a mapping to specify what is the key of the fields I need to access?

Thanks in advance!

For those who want to deal with non-standard OIDC profiles, the solutions seems to fetch the user in the Auth0 DB (which is created with all the non-standard fields) since you have the Auth0 user ID in the OIDC response and do what you need in your action flow script.
BTW this implies to implement your own data mapping for each OIDC connections if there is no coherence in the users fields the IDP send you.