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I’m new to Auth0. And since I’m new to Auth0, I of course considered and read me through the documentations and this fascinating forum. I found on all my questions an answer so far, especially this old thread was really helping me:
But I still have one more question: Is it possible to manually confirm a new user registration? The scenario would be as following: My customer can access to all platforms with their Auth0-Login (new Login-Method, hosted at “my-tenant” I set the registration-link to visible. When I’m onboarding a new customer, I want him to register himself on Auth0, but I want to review this registration. So he shouldn’t be able to log in to all the platforms until I accept the registration. Is there an option for this? I’m also open for a work a round.

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Hey there @tizo25 welcome to the community! Good to know you were able to find some useful information in the community so far :slight_smile:

While there isn’t an out-of-the-box solution for manually confirming registration as of now, the following post stands offers a couple options:

Note that instead of using a Rule mentioned, you would want to look into using Actions instead.

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Hi @tyf
Thanks for your help. I will consider your post for further informations.
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No problem, happy to help where I can!

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