Is there capability for sending a request to my API after email confirmation?

I am using my own registration form to register users to my application. The creating of a user with Auth0 is done on the server instead of the client. I have tested it and the email sends, but I want to know is there a way in Auth0 via a rule or hook to send a request to my API so that it confirms the email with my DB as well?

As far as I’m aware there is no synchronous way for you to get notified of such an event; there would always be the possibility to configure one of the log shipping extensions and then process log events so that your own system reacts to a verified email event, however, I would personally consider if you need to have this complexity in the first place.

The client application as part of the authentication request and in accordance to OpenID Connect can request email information by including email as a scope so this would get information about the email verification status to the client application. At that time you could also store that email verification status at your own store if you so require.

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