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Manipulating HTTP POST method as PATCH



I am a Pega (BPM tool) developer where I have configured a connection between Pega and Auth0. We are using Http method POST for posting users from Pega to Auth0. For our customer I also need to do a http method PATCH for updating email addresses of users in Auth0. Unfortunately Pega doesn’t supports method PATCH, but only PUT.

Is there a way to manipulate a POST call (maybe with a header?) so Auth0 will interpret it as a PATCH method? I have tried it with a POST call setting the header 'X-HTTP-Method-Override’ to ‘PATCH’, but it doesn’t works.

Thank you in advance.

Regards, Mustafa


Hi Mustafa.
API v2 indeed does not support the PUT semantics, only PATCH where you specify only the fields that you want to change.
There’s currently no support for the X-HTTP-Method-Override or a similar method that would allow you to work around this. I’d encourage you to leave a feature request at mentioning your use case.


HI Nicolas,

Thank you for your response. I will leave a feature request.

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