Mandatory country field when signing up

Hi all!
I need the country of a user. I would like to have it as a mandatory field when signing up. I use the hosted sign up page of Auth0 (loginWithRedirect). I don’t see an option to show such a field. Is there a possibility?


Hi, any information on this? I found this article: Adding Country to a User's Profile with Auth0 Rules
But it is a solution with rules which are now deprecated.

Hi, has anyone an idea how to implement this?

Hi @DenverKrueger

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Sorry for the late response to your question.

In the Action event.request.geoip object there’s property countryName from which you can fetch it add it to the user metadata → Pre User Registration Flow

I hope it will help you


Hi @dawid.matuszczyk,

thanks and no problem! Yes, I saw that, but I guess there would be a problem with users that use a VPN for example. I would create a user on my end with the wrong country. Is there another way?

Thanks for your time!