Managing teams and individuals with Auth0

I’m facing a problem trying to find the best way to implement an application in which users can invite other users to their team and share their data inside it.
My first thought was to use the concept of Groups with Authorization Extension, but people convinced me that Roles and Permissions are good enough for what I intend.
Second thought was to create an application for users and companies in which the first user is the admin of a group and can add users via invite-only.
Yet, there is still the issue of invitation. I want users to have the power of creating a team and inviting other users to their team (even if it’s a sign-up invitation), but they also need to have the power to dismantle the team or revoke user access from their data.
The closest thing I have in mind to exemplify is the Share option with Google Drive. You can share a folder with many people, they receive the invitation via e-mail and access it, but the owner can also remove the access.
Thanks in advance!