Management.sendEmailVerification is Not a Function

Problem statement

This article explains why some users fail to log in via a flow with the following error:

"type": "f",
"description": "management.sendEmailVerification is not a function",


The management.sendEmailVerification method has been deprecated from our Node SDK.

  • The Node package version the action is running is “auth0@4.1.0”, which is documented in the Auth0 GitHub public library.
  • The sendEmailVerification does not exist anymore in this version. However, it does exist in the previous version “3.7.1”.

There are two possible workarounds to this error:

  1. Use in the action the auth0 node version of 3.7.1 that includes the sendEmailVerification. Add the dependency to this previous version like below:

  • Add version 3.7.1 to the dependency in Auth0 This will force your ManagementClient to use the previous version:
    • const ManagementClient = require('auth0').ManagementClient;
  1. Adapt your code to the new 4.1.0 node (or latest) version. The sendEmailVerification was migrated to job.verifyEmail, see for more information.