Management API to create External Azure AD Connection


I want create a connection for Azure AD in auth0 using management API, in that I need functionality to update the configuration, like login domains and client Id, etc

Hi @bgandhi39

It’s possible to create/manage Connections through the Management APi as documented here. There’s several methods, for example a POST method to Create connections, and a Patch one to Update the body of a specific Connection (by ID).


Thanks for the response,

In the POST API request I didn’t find the key for the client id and client secret where I can pass Azure AD’s application client and secret.

The payload should include an Options object to which you can pass client_id and client_secret params as well as your domain. Below is a fully working payload example, just replace the values to your needs and adapt to the language you’re using.

		payload = {	
			'name': 'test-ad-api',
			'strategy': 'waad',
			'options':  {
			'use_wsfed': False,
				'useCommonEndpoint': False,
				'basic_profile': False,
				'ext_profile': False,
				'ext_groups': False,
				'ext_nested_groups': False,
				'api_enable_users': False,
				'waad_protocol': 'openid-connect',
				'identity_api': 'microsoft-identity-platform-v2.0',
				'should_trust_email_verified_connection': 'never_set_emails_as_verified',
				'domain': '',
				'tenant_domain': '',
				'client_id': 'abc',
				'client_secret': '123'