Management Api Email Validation

We are using the management api for creating user and this works just fine. However we are validating the email address using the Hibernate validator and its seems to work differently from the Management Api validator. So my question :
Is there any documentation about what is considered as “valid email” and what is not by Auth0 so we can adjust our validator accordingly to yours.
local@mail.d (Only one character after the dot) does not pass the Management Api validation but is valid for Hibernate.

To answer your exact question I’m not aware of any documentation that covers the exact specifics of the email requirements currently being imposed so this is treated as an implementation detail and technically they could change without notice as long as the change is to lessen restrictions. Email validation is a complex topic (it should not, but it is) and the reality is not everyone uses the same rules and some rules are not even rules and more guidelines that one entity decides to mandate them and the other does not. My personal recommendation would be to have your own email validation if that gives end-users a better experience, but still be prepared to reject an email that passed your validation, but not the one imposed by a downstream entity (in this case Auth0).