Management API call in custom login form


We have implemented a custom html+javascript code in custom login form. We want to make auth0 management api call for getting all the enterprise connections setup up. Because based on users email address, we want them to direct to Enterprise connection set for them. There is a management end point for getting all the enterprise connections. End point is “/api/v2/connections”. However this requires access token to make the call.

How can I get the access token in custom login form to make this management api call?

Thanks for the help.

Hi @samir.shaikh

Thanks for getting in touch with us at Auth0 Community.

Please see our docs here as to how you may get an Access Token to query our Management API

It sounds like you are trying to implement functionality similar to our Identifier First/Home Realm Discovery offering, please review our Identifier First documentation first in case this is a better fit for your needs as we can automatically route the user to the correct connection via the domain of the incoming email address

Warm regards.

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