Custom domain 401 when calling management api

I am trying to switch over to universal login flow using a custom domain.

So at the moment I can log in using the custom domain on the client, and it can make calls to my api fine. But I have an endpoint to get the user, which needs to make a call to the auth0 management api,

in the api I’m getting the token like so with the following endpoint and body:

body: {
      grant_type: 'client_credentials',
      client_id: clientId,
      client_secret: clientSecret,
      audience: `https://{customDomain}/api/v2/`,

When I call the management api to get a user like so;


with the token I get back from above, I get an 401 error

{ statusCode: 401,
  error: 'Unauthorized',
  message: 'Bad audience: https://{cusomDomain}/api/v2/' }

What am i doing wrong?

Hi @vremerz,

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Are you missing the $ in the template literal? Like this?

 audience: `https://${customDomain}/api/v2/` 

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