Make Change-password page look differently for first sign-on vs. password change

I have 2 different users coming to the “change-password” page in auth0:

Ones that are changing the first password that the system auto-generated for them. They never logged into the system before.

And ones that manually requested to change their password because they indeed forgot it.

I want these 2 to have a bit different experience. e.g. the first ones should see the title “Create your password”, while the second ones will see the title “Change your password”

How can this be achieved?
I will mention that today I generate the first email from the system using the API, so the best idea I have is to manually add query param saying is_first_login=1 and then in the template use that to change the design. But this feels hacky.

Hi @yakir,

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I think what are doing is the best approach at the moment since the only variables available to customize the Reset Password page are listed here:

It would be great to get your feedback about extending the variables to meet this use case. You can make a feature request here:

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