Mail verification procedure in frontend

Please tell me what to do if I am logged in and successfully verify my mail. What is the step intended to know that I am verified in my frontend.

Angular SDK provides me with the possbility to call getAccessTokenSilently() or loginWithRedirect(), both will fail with a Silenth Token Refresh error and log out the user.

So please provide me with the info on what’s the intended procedure after mail verification.

Firebase for example provides me with the possbility to refresh my auth token on the fly to reflect the new verified status in the frontend.

Currently this is the biggest single blocker for us, and it’s a quite frustrating experience as I find no ressources which covers this basic and fundamental auth topic.

Hi @CoffeeTime,

How are you currently checking if the user has verified their email?

You should be able to use this same strategy. How have you implemented Auth0?

How did youmanage it i was having some issue please explain if you have any suggestions.