Machine-to-Machine Access Token through Actions


I would like to ask about a business use-case where user/client requests for a Machine-to-Machine access token through Actions. Client will request a m2m access token and an Action would decide if it will return either a cached token or a newly generated token. it would be something like this:

Client -> Token Requested -> Action (If available return cached token, else create a new token and return) -> Token Issued -> Client

Based on this use-case I have following questions:

  1. Is this a supported scenario using Actions?
  2. If it is not, is this feature already there in the roadmap?
  3. Is there any recommendation to implement this outside of auth0?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there @saiful1991!

I believe this may be exactly what you are looking for:

I will say that my colleague tested this recently and ran into some issues with the size of the cached value - His findings may prove useful as well:

Hope this helps!


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