M2M Application "Profile" Details

Doing authorization for M2M app with client id/secret server (nodejs) receives an Access Token kind of

azp: 'yyyyyyyyyyyy'
exp: 1680175128
gty: 'client-credentials'
iat: 1680088728
permissions:  ['some:perm']
scope: 'some:perm'

Using this how could more details on a client app it self be resolved on a server side similar to


how a user authorizations flow does. Since getProfile is rejected with 401. So how some details could be resolved e.g.

  • Name
  • Description
  • App logo
  • App metadata
    etc. to identify the app itself?


Hey there @jbeep welcome to the community! I apologize for the delayed response.

You’re correct in that getProfile won’t return any details as there is no user involved. I think your best bet here is to use the Management API clients endpoint.

Hope this helps!

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