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Looking for open-source contributors to add Auth0 integration to VulcanJS (React+GraphQL framework)



I’m the lead maintainer for VulcanJS (, a full-stack Meteor/React/GraphQL framework. Up to now we’ve been relying on Meteor’s own internal user accounts for auth, but I would love to add Auth0 integration as well.

I’ve started working with the Lock widget and managed that part of the integration myself, but I’m admittedly not an auth expert so I was thinking I’d ask around here to see if anybody more familiar with Auth0 would be interested in pitching in and helping with the project.

Specifically, I’m looking for help with:

  • General architecture: which method of using Auth0 makes the most sense? How should I be thinking about the different moving parts?
  • Back-end integration: how do I integrate Auth0’s users with my own database’s Users table?
  • Security: did I mess anything up? Are there any security holes?

I know everybody’s busy and this is a long shot, but if you think you can help then check out this thread: