Logs in management dashboard not being updated

The Management Dashboard, Logs area is not showing updated information. For the past day or two it was slow to retrieve items and now displays only items from about a day ago and beyond. No recent items are showing in the logs. This is making it tremendously difficult to troubleshoot issues with migration to Lock 11 and the Mobile login / lock form.

To see what’s going on, can you let me know your tenant? You can DM it to me if you would prefer

I’m seeing the same thing here. I don’t show any logs for the last 20 hours in all of our tenants.

Im also seeing the same issue, Both in our paid production environment and Monitored development environment.

We are currently experiencing indexing delays which are affecting our Logs search API. We will post updates or ETAs on our Status page incident. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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