Logs for unlocked users

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Is there a way to get on logs when a user is unblocked?
When I got a user unblocked, the logs only show a “Update a User” API Operation with no data to differentiate if the event unblocked the user.

Hi @PaVenegas,

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According to our log event types docs, you should see a ublkdu log event when an anomaly detection block is released.

If you are seeing a different event can you please post an example log (please remove any sensitive information) so we can dig in deeper?

Hi @dan.woda

When I unblock and user on the Management console, I got a sapi event. do you know how to get a ublkdu event.

I share screenshots of my flow

It might be because the ublkdu event is only for an anomaly detection block release.

I just tried it and I see what you are saying. When a user is blocked/unblocked via the management API /users/{user_id} endpoint (or dashboard) it is considered a normal user update, and no different from any other user profile patch.

You can create a feature request for this here. If you do, would you please add information about the use case? Specifically, how you would use this log. Thank you!

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